Custom made hallway with storage

How to design your entrance hall ? 5 original ideas

We often tend to forget the importance of an entrance hall, and yet it is the first glimpse of your interior. Shouldn’t it be the reflection of your cocoon? A real decompression chamber, the entrance hall separates your intimacy from the outside world, hence the importance of making it both practical and in your image.

However, the entrance hall is often a rather constrained space, due to its size and configuration. Having storage for all the family members so that everyone can put their things away is sometimes a challenge.

Custom made bench locker with storage - Wood and steel

Here are 5 original ideas that we have developed to answer this problem.

The role of an ideal entrance hall

What is your first thought when you walk in the door? For most people, the answer is to unload. If your hands are cluttered, you’ll go straight for a place to put your stuff. Whether it’s your keys, your bag, your phone, your groceries,… Then, you remove your jacket and shoes to be more comfortable.

But once you are free of all these items, where do they end up? The functional aspect of a lobby should not be neglected, despite the fact that everything is scattered all over the place.

Let’s not forget that the hall of our home is not only a place of passage. It is also exposed to all kinds of energy. This is a subject that has been discussed at length in Feng Shui, which advocates a clear, welcoming and orderly space to optimize circulation. It is a place of transition where everything must be ordered and where sharp angles must be avoided.

Custom made wall entry locker with storage - Wood and steel

Designing your entrance hall with a capacity furniture

A very common request of more orderly people is to have a closed checkroom storage space. Being able to hide jackets that don’t always match, shoes that are sometimes not so clean, and accessories that can quickly give the impression of being messy, is a priority for some.

One of our ideas is to propose a piece of furniture that, thanks to its curve, allows to lighten the massive aspect that such a big piece of furniture can have. We compose a piece of furniture in harmony with the architecture to find visual reference points. The furniture is then assumed in its entirety and integrates the space in a natural way.

Custom-made curved locker with storage space - Wood and steel  Custom-made curved locker with storage -Wood and steel

Depending on the space available, we play with a concave curve, which induces movement in a fluid way. Or a convex curve that naturally allows for a more spacious volume. The interior can be arranged according to your needs, rods, shelves, hooks, drawers. A real storage room that, once closed, leaves your hall intact to circulate and welcome.

Another advantage of this type of furniture is that it is possible to create a room within a room. What is this concept all about ? When homes don’t have an entrance hall, it’s possible to create a true custom entryway with our curved doors. Instead of treating the element with a completely closed box, we divide the space with walls that include storage. A real space saver that provides privacy and warmth, while having a space dedicated to storage. The volume is defined according to the space available to be consistent with your architecture.

Customized kitchen wall entry locker - Wood and steel Customized kitchen wall entry locker - Wood and steel

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What type of design should be planned for a narrow entrance hall?

It is common in some homes, especially older ones, for the entrance hall to be combined with the stairwell. At that time, it was a real passage space rather than a storage space. Nowadays, needs have evolved, so it is sometimes complicated to find an adapted solution.

In the case where a large piece of furniture with a curved door would be too imposing in the space. We will favor custom-made layouts that are more conducive to saving space.

The best solution is to have an open cabinet to gain storage depth. We propose metal wall structures that will be directly attached to the wall at the top. The integration of a rod, hooks, shelves and drawers can be integrated into this structure. It can be completely suspended, which gives it a very airy and light style.

Custom-made leather store fittings - Wood and steel Custom-made leather store fittings - Wood and steel

In contrast to closed furniture, this open composition brings life to the elements that are stored in it. In addition to saving space, it is very easily accessible and allows a quick overview. Wood and metal elements are combined to create character and contrast to the whole. 

A minimalist entrance hall

If, like many, your hallway is narrow, long and high, you’ll want to break up those big verticals. If the paint can already create trompe l’oeil to reduce this visual effect, working with lower furniture and curves, can help rebalance the whole.

In this case, we study the layout of the entrance hall with volumes, either low, conducive to make a bench seat where to put your shoes. Or with suspended furniture at mid-height to favor shallow furniture, but worked on the depth to optimize the passage. Ideal for storage spaces or accessories stored in drawers or behind sliding doors.

Custom made shoes bench - Wood and steel

Do you have a column or an architectural element in the way? No worries, our approach is to assume these architectural details rather than hide them. Encompassing the column and working with the continuity of the furniture will help to homogenize the entrance hall and make it more enjoyable. You will be amazed by the new energy that will circulate.

How to dedicate a space for each member of the family?

Organizing an entrance hall with children is not easy. If everyone has their own dedicated area, then everyone becomes responsible for their space. They can therefore find their personal belongings without everything being mixed up with those of others.

Custom made entrance locker - Wood and steel

In this case, we were inspired by the lockers. We compose the whole with small modules that can accommodate shoes, folded clothes or accessories. Everyone is master of his space and his business. This furniture is simple and effective with a timeless aesthetic. Here, we take advantage of the central radiator cover, which is inspired by the same design to homogenize, we also take advantage to put hooks and hang some accessories.

This furniture can of course be derived in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and those of your family.

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Smart storage to make your life easier

In the entrance hall, a multitude of objects, of different sizes and functions, find their place. We have obviously thought of storage units adapted to accommodate this type of object in order to make your life easier.

In addition to having a custom made locker with the ability to integrate a rod space, a shelf or storage at the back of your curved door. It is possible to integrate a magnetic key ring, hooks at different heights, an umbrella stand, a mirror or lighting to see clearly.

Custom-made curved locker with storage - Wood and steel Custom made curved locker with storage - Wood and steel

We also had the idea to integrate niches. They allow you to store all your accessories and thanks to their depth, they remain discreet but easily accessible.

Custom made wall entry locker with storage - Wood and steel

So many simple but effective solutions that will allow you to see things more clearly. Remember, the key to a tidy and successful entrance hall is to have simple and quick solutions.

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