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Each place of life has its own codes, its own traditions, its own customs. With you, we immerse ourselves in your life habits in order to retain the essential. We create, thus, an interior at your image.

We actively listen to your needs and adapt to your architecture, offering you a concept inspired by nature. You will be amazed by the contribution of obliques and curves in your interior. Perspectives open up, softness settles in, a soul is born.


Bibliothèque nature

JOA and its values

At JOA, four words guide our work every day.



Each project, each piece is unique. Inspired by nature and its curves, we propose concepts that are the fruit of 10 years of reflection on interior design. Circulation and ergonomics are a common thread in our creations.



We dialogue, we exchange, we share, we co-create in short. You are accompanied in your projects from their reflection to their installation.



We are committed to the long term, to the value of our heritage. These are creations that will last more than a lifetime. The noble and sustainable materials used are an ode to the practices of our ancestors.



JOA comes from joy, that feeling that makes us say we are going in the right direction. There is a before and an after to our time with you. You will feel a sense of well-being as you move through your space, a new energy flowing. You will observe that the furniture lives with you, it accompanies you with fluidity in your movements. The perspectives evolve according to the point of view. The light plays with the shadows according to the seasons and the time of day.


A bit of history

Created in 2012 by Sébastien Boucquey and Olivier Doré, JOA has evolved over the years. First, it is an expert team of designers and carpenters to carry out your projects.

Located in our showroom in Schaerbeek or in our workshop in Braine L'Alleud, they sketch, model in 3D, program, machine, finish, assemble and install projects with a delicious mix of professionalism and good humor.

JOA also has Belgian partners for steel work, painting, custom hardware and many other services.

The promotion of these local skills is an integral part of our mission to offer you quality and durable installations.