With JOA, the perspectives of your interior open, softness sets in, a soul is born.

Our mission is to create living spaces that enchant, meet the needs, are adapted to the use and the place, and bring an extra soul.  That extra something that makes your home unique.

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"We loved the spirit with which Sebastien and his team immersed themselves in our project. Their attentiveness and attention to the harmony of the whole and, of course, the result which is fine, elegant, fresh, original and which, more than a year later, still enchants us! Almost all our friends and visitors (including craftsmen and other professionals) notice it and ask us who did it!"

"We wanted to redesign our first floor and we called JOA whose work we had seen in photos. Sébastien came to our home to "feel" the place and understand our desires. All of this was put on plan, then modeled. JOA works down to the smallest detail. The precision, the extrapolation and the quality of their finishing combined with pure, original lines and noble materials give a breathtaking result. We really feel at home in our new home. It is the result of our desires and JOA's design. I recommend them with my eyes closed! Thanks again to Olivier and Sébastien and their team."

"My husband called on JOA to give his apartment the finishing touch. He had a lot of discussions with the team and over time the project took on the expected dimension! Once the project was seen in 3D, the installation was done, and the result was breathtaking. Because the materials are beautiful, the finish is excellent, and the airy, solid and warm side was there! It's amazing how a project shows that our ideas were so well listened to and improved! Thank you JOA!"

"The dressing room that JOA has created for us is an absolute wonder. The design is unique thanks to the techniques used and the original ideas of Sébastien. We were treated with the utmost care throughout the entire project! In short: a smooth plan and a daily pleasure! To be recommended !"

"From the beginning of the project to the installation of our bookshelf, we were delighted with the way the JOA team worked: a warm and very human welcome, real listening to our wishes, rigor and professionalism at all times... They were able to make our dreams come true! The only problem is that we now want to redo our whole house with them!"

Who are we ?

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JOA is a team with a mix of skills. The two founders, Sébastien, an industrial designer, and Olivier, an engineer, have been joined over the years by employees with different profiles and qualities. It is this combination of designers, carpenters and draftsmen that makes JOA's strength and uniqueness. The assurance, for you, of a well-executed project.

Belgian manufacturing, with a short circuit

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At JOA, we have chosen to link creation and production. Our showroom and workshop are close to each other and allow a real transparency between these two worlds. We guarantee the shortest circuit for the realization of your project, with high quality standards.