Stairs, storage, optimization, solid wood, custom-made, design

Two staircases with integrated storage for small spaces

The Pano staircase with integrated side storage for small spaces

For many years now, JOA has been offering designs where the concept of storage is central. The staircases are no exception to this rule. Two staircases with integrated storage for small spaces are in the JOA range. For example, the Pano staircase is perfect for small spaces where storage space is important. This staircase is basically installed between two walls and allows you to create storage space like a closet underneath. Simple to install, comfortable yet compact for small spaces, it surprises with its slope and staggered solid wood steps.


Its reduced step thickness makes it a compact model perfect for steep configurations where every inch counts.

This model also adapts to more monolithic configurations. In spaces, we seek to maximize the smallest volume to integrate all the equipment making a comfortable interior. By coupling the Pano staircase with the JOA Po system, we can offer an enhanced under-staircase with large storage volumes integrated into spaces that are usually quickly lost because they are not practical.

A dishwasher area closed by a door, drawers following the triangular shape of the slope, everything to meet our customers’ needs. Contact us here if you also have a project in mind you would like to discuss. 

Custom made staircase with storage

Custom made staircase with storage

Stairs, storage, optimization, solid wood, custom-made, design

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Integrated storage with Pivo, the other staircase model for small spaces


Recently, we were faced with a bigger problem.

The underside of the staircase was inaccessible. The two walls between which the staircase is to be installed are solid, with no possibility of opening to the side.

But the clients have a great need to use the space under the staircase to put archives, clothes and other ski accessories that you never know where to put when you don’t have a basement!

We therefore propose a simple staircase that perfectly meets their specific needs. One of the two staircases with integrated storage, compact for a small space, is favored by the customer.

This is the great strength of JOA and its team of designers, led by Sébastien Boucquey, co-creator of the company and originator of the JOA project.

A particular problem and the brainstorming starts to find a creative, ergonomic and sustainable solution without sacrificing the aesthetics of the existing architecture, in short, unique.

Sébastien imagines a staircase where the steps can open and give access to a large and deep storage space.

Pivo was born

Stairs, storage, optimization, custom-made, solid wood, design


Stairs, storage, optimization, custom-made, solid wood, design


Two by two, the steps pivot. A small handle machined in the wood allows to catch the steps easily. A kickstand deploys under the effect of gravity and holds the steps open while you store in the available space.

On a standard height, it is possible to offer up to 4 storage units with practical and usable dimensions.

This is how to turn a constraint into an undeniable asset!

The icing on the cake is that the staircase is made of solid bamboo, including the interior storage spaces. Your belongings are thus protected and isolated from the frame, and you no longer fear humidity. These two staircases with integrated storage for small spaces are available at JOA.

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