Customized layout with integrated wood-burning stove

Wood-burning stove: how to integrate them into your interior?

We can feel the days getting shorter and the temperatures cooler. Some are already thinking of turning on the heating and taking refuge by their wood-burning stove.

A little blanket, a warm mug and this winter’s cocoon corner is inaugurated! But first, we’d like to give you some inspiration on how to integrate your wood-burning stove into your interior design.

Whether your stove is already installed or soon to be installed, we’re here to give you some ideas for integrating it into your interior design. Thanks to our many creations, you’ll be able to envision your cozy corner with many clever ideas. It’s the perfect way to take full advantage of this source of warmth all winter long.

Why heat with a wood-burning stove?

If you didn’t already know, wood heating produces less CO2 than gas, oil or electricity. As well as being easy to install, a wood-burning stove is a good source of heat. Used for supplementary heating, it delays the start-up of boilers between seasons.

What’s more, unlike other heating systems, the wood-burning stove is the only one that gives your home a warm, comforting ambience. This makes it ideal for places that are intended to be friendly and welcoming.

To ensure that the desired effect is achieved, there are of course certain technical parameters that need to be fine-tuned. The positioning of exhaust ducts is an essential element in defining the location of a wood-burning stove. It is also an advantage, if possible, to be able to use the heat in several rooms.

Once these elements have been determined, it’s time for creativity to harmonize the whole. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve made your fireside practical, convivial and pleasant to live in.

A wood-burning stove integrated into a wall unit

If you’d like to give your room more structure, or create additional bespoke storage space, let’s create a wall unit integrating your wood-burning stove. Take, for example, this project carried out for a couple wishing to divide spaces in a contemporary and very open architecture.

Custom made kitchen cabinet and TV cabinet - wood, steel and stainless steel

By creating a curved wall in the center of the room, we were able to integrate the wood-burning stove harmoniously into the overall design. In this position, it has the advantage of radiating its heat over a 360° radius. Hence the choice of a rotating wood-burning stove, which can be directed to either side of the wall to provide heat.

Throughout, this wall extends and is transformed into storage spaces. These spaces are accessible from either side of the wall. One side is dedicated to the checkroom, the other to a TV corner for the living room.

Custom made kitchen cabinet and TV cabinet - wood, steel and stainless steel Custom made wall entry locker with storage - Wood and steel

And that’s not all!

You’ll notice that next to the wood-burning stove, a small space is provided for log storage, thanks to a curved door that subtly hides a dedicated corner. The door is accessible from both sides, making it easy to transport on one side and use on the other.

Custom made kitchen cabinet and TV cabinet - wood, steel and stainless steel

It was the study of the project as a whole that brought out all these tailor-made tricks to make life easier for its users. A vast project with many functions.


Extending seating furniture with a wood-burning stove

Not all architectural styles can accommodate a central wood-burning stove. It’s best to position it against a wall or an existing fireplace. However, there’s no question of neglecting its integration into a homogeneous whole.

In this project for a Brussels family, we designed a comprehensive scheme for the main living area. Part of the challenge was to find a common thread running along a long wall that extends from the dining room through the wood-burning stove to the TV area.

Custom-made furniture for wood-burning stoves

The idea was to integrate a wood-burning stove with a bench seat and TV cabinet. On one side, the bench serves as a seat for the dining room table. This is followed by a drawer space that divides the furniture at the desired location. This is then hollowed out in an arc to integrate the wood-burning stove. The final piece of furniture, again with the same height and visual identity, houses a sound bar and overhead projector.


Integrated wood-burning stove

In this arc of a circle dedicated to the wood-burning stove, we have included a sheet metal cladding to protect the wood from the heat. This split also allows the element to stand out and be integrated coherently into the whole.

Custom-made furniture for wood-burning stoves

Tailor-made wood-burning stove furnishings

A library corner combined with a wood-burning stove
Let’s continue our exploration of woodstove-related furnishings. We’re often asked to integrate bookshelves and TV stands into a fireplace. This is hardly surprising, given that these elements are also part of the cocoon area so coveted in cold weather.

When developing this specific project, the wood-burning stove was positioned in a corner of the room. In this case, the advantage is that we can optimize storage by extending over the entire wall.

Here’s the context before our intervention:

Library project with wood-burning stove

The customers wanted space for their books, a large area for their TV, a cupboard for their ash vacuum cleaner and, above all, a small compartment for their logs. Calling on us made perfect sense in view of the specific requirements. The solution retained following the study proposed this layout:

  • The creation of a low cabinet for the vacuum cleaner
  • Shelves starting from the left corner to take advantage of maximum shelf space
  • A clearer space in the center for the TV
  • A log rack on the side of the cabinet.

The result after our installation.

Library area with integrated wood-burning stove

The position of the log rack made it possible to integrate a sheet metal cladding to protect the wood from direct heat. We also visually separate the library corner from the fire corner, just by playing with perspectives and different materials.

Library area with integrated wood-burning stove

The result is a set that meets our customers’ different uses and needs, while subtly integrating the wood-burning stove.

Would you like to combine your wood-burning stove with another type of bookcase? Discover our other models here.


Designing a corner fireplace

For those who already have a fireplace in their room, we can design a piece of furniture to support and enhance it. There are no limits to our creativity, to ensure a coherent look.

If your fireplace already has a definite style, we can come up with a piece of furniture on either side that follows in its footsteps. In this way, the stove becomes part of a whole, and there’s no question of mismatched elements.

Bookcase, custom-made, design, steel, solid wood

On the other hand, if you have a more contemporary fireplace or an inset wood-burning stove, the design can be worked out differently. For the next project, we conceptualized suspended pedestals. The components interact with each other, as they all treat the cubic form but with different functions.

Bookcase, hanging, fireplace, custom-made, design, steel, solid wood

On one side are drawers, and on the other an empty block that can be used as a log rack. The suspended blocks and sheet metal work add lightness. The shelves in the upper sections contrast with the solid central wall. An excellent way to create a complete, dynamic and harmonious composition.

In conclusion

Whatever the layout and style of your fireside, our creativity and expertise can provide you with unique solutions.

Come and meet us to discuss your project. We’ll be delighted to advise you and propose a project beyond your expectations. Click here to contact us.