JOA Team

Meet the JOA team, experts in interior design

Do you know who’s behind JOA? If not, this article will give you the opportunity to meet the various members of our team of designers and carpenters. Discover the people who take care of the different phases of a project, from the study of interior layouts to the installation of made-to-measure joinery. 

JOA is above all a team on a human scale, full of talent that never ceases to surprise. 

JOA Team

It will also be an opportunity to discover the various divisions and their roles, as well as the company’s infrastructure. In short, an overview of the world of JOA and the members who contribute to its development day after day. 


JOA interior design in its early days

The story of JOA’s creation began in 2012 thanks to the inventiveness of Sébastien. Joined shortly afterwards by Olivier, a wood engineer, the founders share common values. Together, they develop and refine new concepts and set up a production process for interior fittings. 

interior design study

As we already have an article dedicated to the history of JOA and its creation, we invite you to discover it here to learn all about it.

Although JOA began as a two-person operation, many other members have joined the team over the years. There are now nine of us working together to ensure the smooth running and successful completion of your made-to-measure interior design projects.

But who are we?


Our team members 

You probably already know Sébastien and Olivier, but we’d like to introduce you to the whole team. At the same time, you’ll discover the major roles of each member and their contribution to your interior design projects. 


  • The founders

Olivier et Sébastien

Olivier is our point of contact for all production management. In close contact with our suppliers and collaborators, he ensures that everything runs smoothly and on schedule. He’s also in charge of the team’s finances and human resources. He knows how to juggle numbers like no other!

Sébastien, an industrial designer by training, is JOA’s creative brain. Whether formal or technical, his creativity continues to surprise us all. It was he who imagined JOA’s entire formal identity, which he continues to question and develop over the years. He is in charge of the first showroom meetings with our customers and the development of the various interior design projects. He also manages the research and development of new products.


  • The interior design team

JOA Team - Florent Meet Florent, JOA’s first employee. He also studied industrial design. Today, Florent is manager of the design team. He’s currently at the heart of job management and project modeling right through to production. Passionate about 3D, he improves processes to make them even more efficient. He’s also our photographer, a real Swiss Army knife. 

JOA Team- Mélissa

Mélissa, also an industrial designer, welcomes and advises customers in the showroom. Like Sébastien, she imagines tailor-made interior layouts, following your needs and her sense of creativity. In charge of communications, she manages the various social networking platforms and the website. 

JOA Team - QuentinAnd then there’s Quentin, the 3D ace. As an industrial draftsman, Quentin, like Florent, takes 3D designs from the end of the design phase through to production and installation. He’s constantly in direct contact with the production team, managing the layout of wood and metal machining. 


  • The production team

JOA Team - Valentin

Valentin is a carpenter, and it’s he who mainly manages our CNC cutting machine with brio. He combines this responsibility with that of finishing and pre-assembling projects in the workshop. He’ll also give the rest of the installation team a helping hand with your interior design projects.

JOA Team - AlexandreIn the carpentry team, you’ll also meet Alexandre, who worked for JOA as a freelancer for many years. He knows better than anyone how to assemble our staircases, and is highly skilled in the techniques we use. Having worked as an antique furniture restorer for many years, Alexandre has an eye for detail and ensures that the quality of our projects is always top-notch.

JOA Team- IaraOur latest recruit, Iara, completes the carpentry team. Like most carpenters, as soon as she receives the machined parts, she manages the finishing of the wood. A strong volunteer, she then helps set up the site and ensures that everything conforms to the plans. Although she’s only been with us for a few months, Iara is a natural fit with our team.

JOA Team - GrégorAnd finally, Grégor, our solar carpenter. Like the others, he contributes to the finishing and shaping of all interior design projects, but is particularly fond of installations. A keen learner, he is increasingly involved in woodworking, just like Valentin. Always accompanied by his biggest smile, he installs your made-to-measure projects with confidence and expertise. 


Who is where?


  • The showroom, a place to discover interior design

 First located in Molenbeek, then in Uccle and finally in Schaerbeek for the past 5 years, our showroom allows you to see, touch, test and admire our interior designs. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., we welcome you to meet us and discuss your customized project. 

custom interior design showroom

Our showroom is where it all begins. It’s a friendly place of discovery, where you can get a good feel for our way of working and the quality of the interior designs we offer.

We also invite you to come and discover our noble materials and the different finishes on offer. Take a look and try out our range of hardware and handles to make your custom project even more unique.

Sébastien or Mélissa will welcome you most of the time. And on Saturdays, you may also be greeted by Olivier or Florent. We love discovering your interior design projects and offering you a study to explore all the leads that will meet your needs. This first appointment is very important to us, as it allows us to better understand who you are, and what you need.

Showroom JOA

Make an appointment now. We look forward to seeing you!


  • Our custom carpentry workshop

The workshop, as you might expect, is mainly occupied by our production team. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not just the carpenters. Florent, Quentin and Olivier are also there regularly to facilitate exchanges between the design and production teams. 

On Mondays, when the showroom is closed, the whole team gathers in the workshop. It’s a great opportunity to share information, brainstorm on new bespoke developments and build team cohesion.


In concrete terms, our workshop is the place where all wooden parts are manufactured. Programming, machining, finishing and pre-assembly are all handled in-house. Our team of carpenters assembles all parts in the workshop before installation. This facilitates assembly on the big day, and allows us to check that everything is in order beforehand. 

Atelier 2

It’s in the showroom, then in the workshop, that the magic happens, and we work in unison to develop your made-to-measure interior design projects.  With the conviction that they will bring you well-being and joy. 

Come and meet us by contacting us here or by visiting our showroom