Music corner - custom-made

How to create a music corner?

Music has a powerful impact on us. That’s why, without even realizing it, music is so much a part of our lives and our everyday lives. That’s also why integrating it into our interiors, and dedicating a music corner, can be more interesting than we think. Whether you’re a music lover or a musician, this article will tell you just how much of an asset a piece of bespoke music furniture can be.


The power of music

Listening music can affect us physically and mentally, even before we’re born. These virtues can extend into many areas. In particular, it can reduce stress and boost energy. It is also capable of appealing to the emotions and improving our general mood, because when we listen to it, we release dopamine. 

So we’re hardly surprised when customers ask us to create a music corner by integrating musical instruments or a hi-fi corner into their interiors.

What a pleasure it is to contribute to the creation of a space that not only brings you well-being through music, but can also enhance your experience thanks to our expertise in designing a music corner. 

Music corner set - Bamboo furniture

In this article, we’ll look at two practical ways of creating a music corner. On the one hand, we’ll advise you on ways of integrating your hi-fi equipment so you can listen to music. On the other, we’ll share with you projects that directly integrate musical instruments. Enough to inspire the Mozart in you!


What’s the point of a custom-made music corner?

The way we listen to music has changed, and continues to change. For a long time, we listened to music on vinyl, cassettes and CDs, but nowadays, we tend to listen to it more via mobile applications. And yet, even if this has made it possible to make it “immaterial”, the big fans remain adepts of the old formats.

Therefore, fitting out a music corner with vinyl players and speakers remains a topical issue for true enthusiasts. As well as increasing in value over the years, they add real cachet to your interior.

Bookcase, hi-fi room, custom made, design, steel, solid wood

Tailor-made furnishings that integrate these musical elements make perfect sense, as they adapt to their functionalities and sometimes specific morphologies. No more arranging a music corner with mismatched pieces of furniture of more or less the same dimensions.

We suggest that you add a touch of style to your interiors by highlighting your hi-fi components and integrating them perfectly with the shape of your music corner. 


Creating a music corner combined with a bookcase 

Often combined with a bookcase, a music corner can be designed with open and/or closed spaces. It all depends on the size of the area, and whether or not you want to keep the whole unit visible. 

At JOA, we work on the principle that it’s all a question of balance. Keeping visible elements will not only add personality to the music corner, but also balance the volumes. 

Bookcase, custom-made, design, steel, solid wood

By integrating some of your vinyls at the bottom of an open space, for example, then having others in a closed space will visually lighten the composition. Why not place another stack on another level to liven things up? The advantage of custom-made music stands is that the heights can be adapted to the size of your collection. Our solid, weight-saving materials also ensure that the weight of your collection is taken care of.

Whether you’ve only got vinyl records or only CDs, or a nice mix of both, we can dose and adjust the volumes to suit your music corner.

For more inspiration on other multi-functional bookcases, click here


A functional music corner

As you can see, creating a music corner is no easy task. Even if storage is important, function remains paramount. Integrating all Hi-fi components into a music cabinet requires a great deal of thought. Are the speakers well positioned for optimum sound? Does the amplifier have enough space to avoid overheating? Is the turntable always easy to open? 

We’ve been confronted with all these questions time and again as we’ve studied our music corner projects. Indeed, to ensure a great musical experience, these points need to be properly addressed. That’s why we’ve designed projects that contribute to this experience. Sometimes visible, but harmoniously integrated, we have also taken up the challenge of concealing certain elements, but always in a homogeneous way.

Very early on in the development of your music corner, we integrate the various components to take account of their space requirements. Their positioning in the music area is therefore predefined from the outset, with the appropriate heights and depths. 

In this large Pô bookcase, you’ll notice that a beige technical acoustic textile has been fixed to either side of the bookcase. This conceals two large loudspeakers that blend in perfectly with the furnishings. Side hatches provide access to these speakers should the need arise.


Bookcase, custom-made, design, steel, solid wood


For components that give off more heat, we provide grooves at the top and in the baseboard. This allows air to circulate and ventilate the unit naturally. 

Custom-made curved TV stand with trapdoor - Wood Custom-made curved TV stand with trapdoor - Wood

Moreover, wiring is also one of the important points considered directly. Either we provide a groove along the entire length of the top plate for fast and efficient connection to all devices. Or a cable cover is positioned close to the speakers, for example. Generally speaking, these elements are more isolated from the main music area and have thinner cables. 

Music corner set - Bamboo furniture


Music furniture for your instrument

Let’s turn to musicians, those who bring music to life through their instruments. The specificity in this case is of course the instrument and its use.  Here, we plunge into a more singular musical world, given the number and different types of instruments that exist. 

In our specifications, we’ll have to ask a number of questions. How often is it used? What is its position when stored and when in use? What functions are important? What access do you need? What is your ideal playing posture? This music corner, dedicated to your instrument, is often its storage space, but also the place where it is played. So you need to see it in both states: stored and used.

Let’s take the concrete example of this project for a music corner including a piano. As the apartment was relatively small, every space had to be optimized as much as possible. With no entrance hall, the layout was designed to integrate several functions.  The customer’s request was to create a music corner combining a piano area, a desk, a bookcase for administrative papers and a checkroom unit. 

Challenge accepted !

Music corner - custom-made music furniture

Being experts in corner management, we naturally wanted to bring fluidity and harmony between the different volumes. We work with obliques and shelves with curved corners and Y-pillars. A capacity volume serves as a checkroom.

Music corner - Cloakroom with built-in piano

Also, the piano nestles under the work surface of the retractable desk. After a day of telecommuting, the workspace quickly becomes a music corner. Pedals are included and directly accessible. They give you the impression that an instrument is hiding beneath this first appearance of a desk. 

Music corner - Cloakroom with built-in piano

The possible configurations are numerous, whether you want wall-mounted storage space for your guitars or a plinth to hang them on, it’s up to you to give us the constraints, and we’ll come up with the right ideas for your music corner. 

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A music corner for production enthusiasts

The good ideas mentioned above refer more to traditional instruments. The same applies to the world of production. 

As mentioned above, the world of music has evolved with technology. Mixers, synthesizers, etc., equipment and needs are constantly evolving. But there’s nothing like the right workspace to foster creativity, so let’s stimulate it together by designing an outstanding music corner! 

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