a clever kitchen

5 ideas for a clever kitchen

Having a clever kitchen makes perfect sense, yet the same problems are often found in everyday kitchens.

How much time do you spend in your kitchen? Whether it’s an hour or thirty minutes, the kitchen is a privileged part of our daily lives. Functionality and ergonomics are just as important in order to enjoy a pleasant space.

We invite you to discover 5 original ideas for a clever kitchen 100% made by JOA. These solutions will not only improve your daily life, but also give you a unique kitchen with features you may never have thought of.

1. A clever kitchen with a pantry

Where does the idea of a pantry come from? Before the French Revolution, the pantry was a piece of furniture, or at least a cool corner in which food was preserved. Before the advent of the fridge, food had to be protected from rodents, insects and temperature variations.

Nowadays, all foods requiring freshness are stored in the refrigerator. But what about the rest? Generally speaking, we still have cellars for food storage, or laundry rooms for the lucky ones. Others have to make do with just their kitchen, and have to find ways of optimizing their storage.

At JOA, we’ve brought these issues together to come up with a clever kitchen solution.

First of all, the aim is to optimize space as much as possible so as to have a large storage area. If there’s one thing that’s a real nuisance in ordinary kitchens, it’s having to dig deep into the cupboard for the ingredient you want. So, in addition to increasing space thanks to the curve, which makes the cabinet more capacitated while reducing its visual clutter, we also provide an overview of its contents.

Kitchen: curved pantry Kitchen: Curved pantry

As soon as that big curved door opens, it’s the icing on the cake. A beautiful space with lots of shelves, but not too deep. This gives you an overview without having to rummage around. 

Custom made kitchen with curved island - Wood and steel

This space could also accommodate dishes or specific appliances. The functionalities can really be diverse.

Moreover, depending on the space available, this large curved door can be even more clever. By creating a more voluminous structure, we can envisage it with a structure capable of accommodating shelves at the back of the door. The curved door is one of JOA’s key features, contributing to a simpler, more accessible and clever kitchen.

Custom made kitchen with curved island - Wood and steel

2. Curved drawers to make life easier

In addition to the curved pantry, we wanted to offer solutions that would add even more softness to this initial idea of a clever kitchen. And for good reason: we’ve all heard of unsightly corner cabinets that are difficult to use.

Custom kitchen interface buffet and desk - Wood, steel and stainless steel


While mechanisms and other hardware make it possible to use these recalcitrant corners, we decided to transform them into curves. Rather than bend in half to reach the bottom of the cabinet, or provide trays that unfold, we opted for drawers. It’s still easy and pleasant to use, and visually, it’s a win-win situation.

You don’t need any more convincing about the ergonomics of drawers. You get an overview of the contents, and access couldn’t be simpler. As an added bonus, you can also consider having compartments for cooking utensils or spices. So you don’t have to go to your utensils and food, they come to you!

Curved drawers with cutlery compartments

With wood or metal linings, these drawers add a great deal to the circulation of space. They allow energy to flow freely, as you move from one corner to another with fluidity. A real asset if you’re looking for more softness and harmony in your clever kitchen project.

Custom-made kitchen with curved drawers

Most people talk about curved drawers, but these curved corners can also accommodate a sink or hob at the top. The result is a pleasant, welcoming space in which to work. In short, to test it is to adopt it. Come and test these curved corners in our showroom kitchen.


3. Lightweight hangers for a clever kitchen

Have you already discovered our hanger system? Often used as a screen or even as a bookcase, this slim, elegant element is an asset for a clever kitchen.

It’s not uncommon to need certain utensils and objects within easy reach in important positions. Whether facing the sink, the worktop or close to the hob, having the right utensils within reach is essential.

Thanks to our hanger system, you can integrate shelves either facing a wall, or suspended in space. The use of metal allows you to achieve a minimalist style, through its finesse without neglecting its sturdiness.

Custom kitchen with curved island - wood, steel and stainless steel

How would you use it? You have a wide choice of possibilities and variations.

You can opt for shelves to hold your most frequently used condiments, for example. Why not integrate a hanging bar at the bottom to hang your kitchen utensils directly?

Made-to-measure kitchens

In a corner of the kitchen, this would also allow your coffee machine or kettle to be placed high up with your favorite mug. A clever kitchen idea that creates a dedicated little corner, while at the same time freeing up your worktop.

Custom made kitchen - Wood, steel and stainless steel

Also, these hangers can also be used to hold your recipe books or decorations, to further personalize your kitchen. When suspended without a wall behind, they naturally divide open spaces. An asset for defining boundaries without obstructing the light or the overall ambience of the room.

Custom made kitchen cabinet and TV cabinet - wood, steel and stainless steel

Discover more ways to use these lines in our article dedicated to ways to split a piece naturally here.


4. Integrating a table into the kitchen island

Most kitchens have either a breakfast nook or a table for more intimate, smaller-scale meals. For some, integrating a table is a dilemma, as space is sometimes at a premium.

How about a kitchen island with a retractable table? When the need arises, simply pull out the table to reveal it, or to enlarge it.

Custom made kitchen island and retractable table - Wood and steel

The whole unit is homogeneous and leaves plenty of possibilities for use. It can be completely removed from its niche to be used in its entirety. For a feast, there’s no need to get out the extension cords! And if you suddenly need more work surface, it’s also a great advantage to be able to pull out the desired length at will.

Another advantage of this clever kitchen solution is that, once integrated into the island, the height difference creates handy storage space. You can slide in crockery for your meal, or table accessories such as placemats. Or even a tray containing your lunch dishes. It’s all about your kitchen and your lifestyle. Modulate it according to your use.

Custom made kitchen island and retractable table - Wood and steel

5. A hassle-free worktop

What other ideas do we have for clever kitchens?

In addition to the unusual design of our kitchens, we also stand out for our choice of materials. Those who know us already know that we opt for noble materials that last over time. Our preferred choice is metal and bamboo, and as for the choice of worktop, we’ve opted for stainless steel.

We can see where you’re coming from with your thoughts on its industrial look. It’s not for nothing that large professional kitchens choose stainless steel for their worktops.

But the way we apply it to our kitchens is different. The thin layer of stainless steel we use is 3 mm, the result is a very fine, homogeneous visual effect.

Custom made kitchen with curved island - Wood and steel

What’s more, this material is polished before installation. Scratches are therefore camouflaged, but just like wood, stainless steel will live with your kitchen, and small scratches or fingerprints are part of its appearance, which we accept.

The other big advantage of stainless steel is, of course, its maintenance and durability. It doesn’t age and requires no treatment to preserve it. You can place hot pans on it without fear of marking.

Custom made kitchen with curved island - Wood and steel

If you want more uniformity with your sink, the stainless steel worktop gives you the option of welding your stainless steel sink. You’ll never have to worry again about the watertightness of your joints. A clever kitchen is also easy to maintain.

Custom kitchen with central island - wood, steel and stainless steel

In short, stainless steel worktops are a preferred choice for our kitchens, thanks to their ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal and price. It gives us a great deal of flexibility in its shapes and cut-outs. We even have the option of combining it with other surfaces, while maintaining a fluid junction.

You’re free to choose another type of kitchen worktop, but for us, the choice is made!

Find out more about our many projects for a clever, made-to-measure kitchen here.