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Discover how a unique creation unfolds at JOA

To fully understand our approach and the added value of a unique creation at JOA, here’s the story of Gilles’ library project. A project managed from A to Z by our designers, who successfully completed every stage of the project..

Here’s an opportunity to explain the entire project process, from the first ideas to installation. A complete process managed in-house to centralize all information. The guarantee of seamless follow-up through every phase of the unique creation project.

How does it work ?


The first meeting

For any project, it’s essential to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your project. This first meeting always takes place in our showroom at Rue du Noyer 352, 1030 Schaerbeek. We want to get to know you, your desires, your needs and your inspirations. Indeed, to start a unique creation, it’s important to take into account all your criteria and constraints.

custom interior design showroom

Our showroom area will give you a taste of what it’s like to create something unique. You’ll be able to experience our layout, see and touch our various highlights. You’ll also be able to appreciate the quality of our materials and finishes.

This was the case for Gilles, who had the pleasure of discovering our world and our approach in our showroom. He liked the mix of wood and metal, as well as the curves. He came with some photos and general dimensions of his current living room, on the basis of which we were able to show him other inspiring JOA projects.

During this initial, no-obligation meeting, the whole process and the added value of a unique creation were explained to him. He quickly realized that we could offer him a project that would live up to his expectations, so he wanted to go further with us and started the study phase.


A study to develop your unique creation

What is a study?

interior design study

Since every project is unique, it’s important to get to know your space. That’s why we start with a visit to your home. Now it’s our turn to immerse ourselves in your world!

We discover the style, your traffic flow, the luminosity, the architectural and technical constraints. All clues that will enable us to offer you this unique creation, down to the smallest detail. Armed with our notebook and measuring tools, we come to measure and probe the room. We take into account the important elements to be preserved and what will be included in the layout.

In Gilles’ case, we quickly realized that the space hadn’t been used to its full potential since the completion of their renovation. It seemed logical to us to make the atmosphere of the room warmer and more convivial. The main feature requests were to integrate a bookcase that could hold lots of books, a side desk that could be hidden away, and drawer storage.

Study for a unique piece of furniture

Once the measurements had been taken, we represented the entire piece in 3D, providing a good basis to start researching new projects. Our aim is to have two to three different versions or variants of projects to present to you. These initial concepts give us food for thought and enable us to build on good ideas.

About ten days later, we scheduled another presentation meeting in our showroom, where we showed the first drafts. During this exchange, we discuss, refine and adapt based on your thoughts. You are always guided and advised by our designers, who will do their utmost to meet your requirements. The aim is to obtain the final version of your unique creation, your “coup de cœur” project!

Study for a unique piece of furniture

Would you also like to start a study? Get in touch with us now.


Modeling a unique creation down to the smallest detail

Following validation of the project selected during the study, comes the modeling phase. Once the main project of your unique creation has been validated, the project is taken in hand by the designers in charge of modeling. This phase is crucial for production.

During the modeling process, the designers will be able to draw everything down to the smallest detail in order to prepare the parts for production launch. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go back on site to check certain dimensions, especially after a contractor’s intervention.

They design the furniture with all the necessary components, hardware, technical elements and fittings. They take into account volumes, finishes and the various mechanisms required. Your unique creation gradually comes to life and becomes more and more realistic.

The result of this modeling process is presented to you at a meeting. This is the time to show you the piece from every angle and check everything. Afterwards, we’ll send you validation drawings showing all the interior and exterior dimensions of your unique creation. Then it’s up to you to give us the green light to start production!


Production in our workshop

As you may have guessed, our creation is as unique as our production. It’s in our joinery workshop in Braine-l’Alleud that your projects come to life. Everything is prepared beforehand on our programming software, and then sent to our CNC numerical cutter.

Valentin and Grégor, two of our carpenters, take care of all the preparation and cutting of your unique creation. They make sure that every piece and every hole is just right for the model.

Finition  Prémontage

This is followed by the finishing phase, where each part is individually and manually treated in several layers, and finally assembly. For all projects except staircases, we carry out pre-assembly in our workshop. This phase not only enables us to check that everything is in order, but also saves time during installation. The final details are then worked out so that we can plan the installation in the best possible conditions. In many cases, certain blocks remain pre-assembled for installation, to facilitate transport and assembly on site.

Our team will contact you to arrange the day of installation, and will also inform you of a few important steps and instructions before installation.

JOA workshop

Installation: your unique creation comes to life

It’s finally time for the big day, the day when our talented carpenters come to install your custom-made furniture. Once on site, they get right down to business. You’ll see a few laser beams circulating on your walls, tape measures and equipment being deployed little by little.

You begin to guess the parts that will make up your unique creation. All the elements begin to take shape, and that’s when the magic happens! The transformation will surprise you, and you’ll suddenly see your space in a whole new light.

Bookcase, desk, custom-made, design, steel, solid wood  Custom bookcase with Y uprights - Wood and steel

We come to dress your interior, but not only that, a new energy circulates. You can feel the warmth and harmony that the creation brings. You can see it from every angle, every nook and cranny carefully crafted.

The result is a unique creation, a work of art that is the fruit of a beautiful collaboration and that reveals the potential of your interior like no other.


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