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5 benefits of a curved cabinet in your home

The good news is that the curved cabinet will still be a major trend in 2024. Not surprising when you consider that curves bring comfort and softness to your interiors. With our ten years of expertise, we’re convinced that an interior design incorporating a curved cabinet can bring many other benefits. Whatever your architectural style, discover 5 benefits of a curved cabinet and get inspired!

As you know, at JOA we draw most of our inspiration from nature. This is also true of Art Nouveau, which pioneered the use of curves in architecture at the end of the 19th century. As with them, the general idea is to bring these fluid, organic lines to soften sharp angles.

As we often tell you on our first meetings, man originally lived in nature. But in nature, nothing is straight: vegetation, waterways and geological heritage are curved and sinuous.

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But before we convince you of the 5 benefits of curved furniture in your home, let’s take a quick look at its symbolism.



When it comes to curves, many shapes and volumes can be represented. Here are just a few of the most frequently encountered shapes.

The circle represents harmony, eternity and unity. It’s the symbol of rebirth and the cycle of life.

The curve, on the other hand, reassures and protects. It reflects movement and positive emotions.

Now let’s take a look at the benefits of integrating these shapes into your interiors.


  • Breaking verticals with a curved cabinet

Attention owners of narrow houses with high ceilings, for whom large verticals are still not easy to deal with. Indeed, such period architecture can sometimes be a real headache. While many people dream of masterpieces, it’s not easy to bring them up to date without distorting the space. 

For this type of space, you need to find the right balance. The same applies to cramped rooms, such as corridors, for example. 

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We spoke to you about this in the article dedicated to hallway furniture, to help restore harmony to these poorly-proportioned rooms. To balance out the verticals, we work more on the horizontals. But rather than limiting ourselves to the length of the wall, we decide to extend this horizontality. The sharp corner is encompassed by the curved cabinet, and the vertical visual trajectory is broken. The eye is carried by this line, which travels smoothly from one wall to the next. 

Dressing et coiffeuse sur-mesure courbe - Bois et acier

Whether it’s a large dressing table, a bookcase, a low cabinet or simply a tray, the desired effect will always be achieved. But depending on the height of the walls and these verticals, it will be necessary to play with the larger volumes of the curved furniture to balance it out. 


  • A curved cabinet to bring life to your dead corners!

But first, what is a dead corner? It’s a space that gets little or no use, whatever its basic function. Typically, it’s a place where, if you’re offered a chair to sit in, you won’t feel comfortable.

Now, pause for a moment and think. What corner of your home is a dead corner?

There are plenty of alternatives to bring these corners back to life. Feng Shui often talks about this, as it attaches great importance to the circulation of energy. By placing a living element, such as a large plant, for example, you are once again encouraging the flow of energy.

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A custom-made curved cabinet can also be a solution to this problem. In addition to masking the recalcitrant corner, you can also enhance a wasted space by creating storage. This piece of furniture can be worked on several levels, to more or less hide the initially unharmonious corner. It can be brought back to life by placing objects and giving it a different function.


  • Smoothing ergonomics with curves

In Feng Shui, curved and undulating forms are linked to concepts such as adaptability, fluidity and flow. The integration of a curved cabinet into a design study is of great interest.

Cuisine sur mesure avec îlot courbe - Bois et acier

You’ve probably seen or used modern kitchens featuring a central island. This island is generally rectangular or cubic. Visually, it’s quite massive in space and very fixed. Why this choice of shape? While it’s true that the lines are minimalist and pure, this block is anything but harmonious. It doesn’t induce any natural movement other than by habit, and you always avoid catching a corner in your foot, elbow or hips.

This shape was certainly induced by ease of construction. Indeed, processing a wooden block in the traditional way is the simplest and cheapest. As is creating rectilinear rather than curved architecture. This is certainly the reason why we have strayed so far from the forms found in nature.

And yet, if we take the example of a pebble in a stream. We see that the water flows around its curves to continue its trajectory without too much impact. In the same way, we don’t move in a straight line and then make an abrupt 90° twist. Our movements follow a natural sinuous flow.

Cuisine sur mesure avec îlot courbe - Bois et acier  Cuisine sur mesure avec îlot courbe - Bois et acier

That’s why we like to create bespoke layouts that take up the same codes rooted in nature. By creating a curved island, you can move fluidly around it. Whatever your position, nothing disturbs the natural flow. That’s the advantage of a curved cabinet. 


  • Bring warmth and softness.

Curved furniture is reassuring. Like a cocoon or a nest, curves envelop and comfort. When a bespoke interior design is proposed with a curved corner, a feeling emerges. Being able to feel safe and secure in your space brings a great deal of comfort.

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We create a warm interior space in which we feel at home. If you have elements and decorations with sharp edges, curves will bring balance, just as they do with architecture.

So when you have a living space that lacks conviviality, consider curved furniture and let yourself be seduced by its benefits. But be careful not to overdo it, especially with curves and counter-curves, which can create a heavy feel to the design.

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Find the right balance or call on our expertise here for a successful project.


  • A curved cabinet for optimal storage

Another benefit of integrating custom-made curved cabinet into your interior is the space it can save. Since JOA’s inception, our aim has been to develop intelligent solutions that integrate curves.

That’s why we’ve incorporated technology into our developments, so that curves can be integrated into your interior design. These include curved drawers, curved doors and curved wood or metal tops.

Vestiaire courbe rangements -Bois et acier


The idea behind these curved storage units is to exploit spaces that would be unused if they were straight. But more than that, to make them more accessible! Having a curved drawer rather than a corner cupboard will give you easy access to the contents. The curved cabinet is ergonomically designed for everyday use. An asset for small spaces with complex dimensions and shapes. 

Come and meet us in our showroom, we’ll be delighted to discuss your project.