Stairs with office space under the stairs - Bamboo and steel

5 ideas for under the stairs space

Low, angular and narrow, the under the stairs space is often complex to fit out. And yet, it’s a place that can prove very useful, because as we often say and hear, there’s never enough storage space in a house. 

In older homes, the space under the stairs was often used as a hallway or access to the cellars. Nowadays, staircases have become real architectural features, integrated directly into the main living areas. They are therefore a natural part of our living space, and must be able to adapt to new functions.

We’re convinced that your under the stairs space can be optimized, so let us tell you how. But to begin with, you’ve probably already asked yourself the following question:


What kind of storage should be provided under the stairs ? 

There are many possible solutions. In any case, at JOA, we like to make the most of our staircases. Their structure already gives them a unique style that advocates lightness and sturdiness. Combined with a piece of furniture integrated into the space under the stairs, it’s a winning combo every time, making it the centerpiece of your home.

Stairs, railings, built-in bookcases, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

When a staircase forms an integral part of a main living area, such as a lounge or dining room, it’s a good idea to incorporate under-stair furnishings to suit the room. Whether it’s a sideboard, a TV cabinet or a bookcase, the design of the under the stairs space unit should be more airy, so as to maintain a harmonious whole. In fact, too massive a design is not ideal, as this is a space that must remain pleasant to live in.

Is your staircase located in another, less frequented room? In this case, we can opt for solutions with greater capacity, focusing on storage and optimization of your under the stairs space. This could be a dressing room, closet, cupboard or toilet, for example.

Whatever your project idea, let us inspire you with our various staircase solutions and discover the one that suits you best. Here are a few concrete examples.


1. Integrating a library into a staircase

Fitting a bookcase into a space under the stairs  can sometimes seem like a bad idea, as the depth can be too big and the space too dense and enclosed. Put this idea out of your mind! With our Up staircase model, under-stair bookcases are ideal for creating a light, well-balanced under the stairs space.

Stairs buffet and integrated bookcase - Bamboo and steel

Project in collaboration with Atmosphères Design – Photo by Sabine Serrad

By using metal structures, we were able to reduce the massive effect of an all-wood bookcase. These elements also provide a visual link with the staircase’s vertical hangers. They are arranged at a shallower depth than the staircase, so they are more discreet without being hidden.

You can showcase your objects under the stairs space and bring life to the whole with decorations or books.

In some cases, the bookcase is used as the structure of the staircase. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it’s also structural – a perfect marriage of the two functions.

Built-in bookcase staircase and custom-made railing Up - Wood and steel

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2. A staircase step that extends into furniture

Are you looking for visual consistency between your staircase and your furniture? There’s nothing like extending a step to convert it into a piece of under-stairs furniture.

This trick breaks down the verticality of staircases, which is often almost unavoidable. It creates a red thread, allowing the eye to move fluidly and naturally from one element to the next.

Stairs, railing, optimization, extension, solid wood, steel, metal, custom, office, design

This under the stairs space makes perfect sense for a buffet or an office. The extension of a step at mid-height creates harmony. The advantage of using this type of under the stairs space is that it naturally creates a more cocooned corner, a real little bubble where a warmer atmosphere emanates.

Whether in a main living space or in a passageway, light is always favored. It can even be used in a hall to extend a step, transforming it into a larger piece of furniture such as a checkroom.

Stairs, dressing room, bookcase, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

Stairs, dressing room, bookcase, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

You’re free to create your own under-stair checkroom area, with rods or shelves. This step can be the beginning of a high or low cabinet. Whatever the function of your under the stairs space, the volumes can be varied and adapted to suit your needs. 


3. How can a TV unit be integrated into the under the stairs space?

A recurring scenario is the integration of a staircase into the living area. The temptation is to place the sofa or armchair under the stairs. Instead, we suggest turning to face the staircase to create a cosy TV corner underneath.

Inspired by the same idea of extending the step under the stairs, we’ve taken a slightly different approach. It’s no longer the step that becomes the piece of furniture, but the piece of furniture that becomes the step.

Stairs, railings, TV stands, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

With a lower cabinet, the visual effect is different. This base, more fixed to the floor, encroaches less on the height and gives body to the whole. The first steps of the staircase are dug into the base, so the vertical structure starts higher up. This visually lightened the staircase section.

Stairs, railings, TV stands, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

Of course, the place can also be used for other purposes. Turn it into a bench or simply into storage space. Why not integrate a few shelves, separate from the staircase structure? Once again, the possibilities are endless, so it’s up to you to imagine the version that’s best suited to your under the stairs spot. 


4. A staircase storage

We’re continuing to describe the many ways to create a space under the stairs, and the advantages it can bring. In a previous article, we talked to you about staircases with storage for small spaces. This type of staircase is an asset for any home with limited space. A staircase is created whose side extends into the face of a piece of furniture. This entire face is finished with a single wooden wall, visually linking the two elements.

Stairs, storage, optimization, solid wood, custom-made, design

This design is an ideal solution for saving space, as it increases storage volume. You can take advantage of the entire interior space, and compose it according to your needs. Whether it’s a cupboard, a washing machine, a rod space or simply a closed niche for large suitcases, we can envisage it. It can be used for the entire staircase or just part of it.

Stairs with integrated under stair unit - Bamboo and steel

Feel free to leave some spaces open to play with volumes and depths. We also offer the option of integrating a door into this wall, so that this space under- stairs becomes a passageway, either to a cellar or a room.

Would you like to discuss your future project? Please contact us.


5. Creating space under the stairs  in a bedroom

So far, we’ve focused on main living areas. What about bedrooms?

Yes, having a bedroom with a mezzanine is more common than you might think. If this is your case, we suggest you consider creating a freestanding staircase with a fitted under the stairs space. Our freestanding staircases can be configured in a variety of styles.

Freestanding staircase with under stair bookcase - Wood and steel

A lighter model based on slender metal structures can accommodate suspended shelves in the under the stairs space for storage or decoration.

The same is true of this more voluminous model, which integrates shelves into the metal horizontals, giving it a style with lots of character.

Stairs, railings, optimization, mezzanine, library, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

Stairs, railings, optimization, mezzanine, library, solid wood, steel, metal, custom-made, design

We can also offer you a more playful staircase made entirely of wood. In a child’s bedroom, this under the stairs space takes on its full meaning when transformed into a hut and a library. This lost corner becomes a real play area, much to the delight of the little ones.

The possibilities are numerous and can be considered for a variety of storage purposes. The most common are bookcases, desks and benches, but let yourself be inspired by our unique creations and come and meet us here to discuss them further.