Custom made kitchen buffet interface - Wood and steel

Why choose a JOA custom kitchen ?

Making the move to a custom kitchen

Whether your home is an old(er) building or new construction, the custom-made kitchen remains one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether it is closed or open to the dining room or living room, this space should combine coziness, ergonomics and comfort.

If we attach so much importance to it, it is because we know that we will spend a large part of our time there, alone or together with our family AND that it is essential that your kitchen is optimized down to the smallest details.


Custom made buffet interface kitchen - Wood, steel and stainless steel  Custom made buffet interface kitchen - Wood, steel and stainless steel


Many people who buy a new kitchen want to adapt it to their own needs and habits at some point. You can choose between standard kitchens and custom kitchens that are fully adapted to your space and your needs.

At JOA, we study each kitchen project to understand your use and the ergonomics of your kitchen space. Then the different work areas are defined and the kitchen takes shape. But what shape? Round, angled and straight lines are all allowed at JOA, which is why it’s so unique!

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Custom made kitchen buffet interface - Wood and steel


Innovative options for an optimized custom kitchen

Our expertise in curves is an asset to the flow of your space, but not only that. A curve for the sake of a curve is useless. At JOA, we use this organic shape to optimize ergonomics.

In the corner of a room, for example, a curve allows you to create storage depth without visually invading the space. We often create large storage cabinets in these spaces, which our customers love. Storage spaces integrated into the door, wide and shallow bins, allow you to scan the contents at a glance. No more food lying at the bottom of the cupboard for months because you forgot about it.

This is the great strength of JOA, to move away from the 60 cm cabinet that has become the norm in all so-called custom kitchens, at the expense of the logic of space and its ergonomics. What is the point of a 60 cm depth that hinders passage when 40 cm is sufficient?

Our round drawers follow the same logic. To create ergonomic and easily accessible storage space where space is normally wasted or not optimally arranged.

So your custom kitchen can be designed in its entirety, taking into account the smallest details so that it fits you best.

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Custom made kitchen buffet interface - Wood and steel  Custom made kitchen buffet interface - Wood and steel


Give your custom kitchen quality materials

If there is one piece of furniture that is sought after in an interior, it is kitchen furniture. It must withstand use and withstand time. It is an important investment that you make once or twice in a lifetime, all the more reason to take good care of it!

At JOA, we don’t compromise on materials. The solid woods, bamboo, oak, ash and walnut, are made of multi-ply wood. This gives great stability and resistance to shock, heat and cold. Solid wood takes on a patina and changes with the use of the kitchen. Making a big impact or just want to refresh it? Good sanding, two coats of oil and you’re off for years. One knock on a laminate and you’re through, nothing left but to replace the entire piece of furniture.

Wood is also a resource that should be treated with love and wisdom. We have developed our own housing systems that allow us to save up to 50% wood material compared to our competitors. And all this with a strength and durability that is far above the rest. No compromise!

It took nearly 10 years of development to find the ideal formula between style, shape, strength, durability and environmental friendliness.

Our other favorite materials? Steel for the cabinet sides and stainless steel for the countertops. Again, the emphasis is on durability. There is a reason why all professional kitchens are made of stainless steel. It is ideal material in terms of hygiene and durability.

Of course, natural stone, Dekton and Silestone are also available.

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Custom made kitchen buffet interface - Wood and steel  Kitchen interface custom made sideboard - Wood, steel and stainless steel


The kitchen island

Do you want to keep your current kitchen because it is still functional, but something is missing?

Integrating a single element, such as an island for example, can completely transform your space. Besides providing additional functions to your kitchen, it is a real added value to your home, bringing structure and easy to integrate thanks to our materials and shapes.

Be seduced by JOA’s know-how with a rounded, cozy island. In an open space, it gives your interior a lot of softness and brings an unparalleled coziness.

Or a more straight and contemporary island that includes a shield and offers a new and comfortable preparation space.

We can also offer you a standing table to be closer to your family or your guests. Its function as a convivial bar makes it a centerpiece of your interior where your entourage will naturally settle down for a convivial moment of togetherness.

Or a folding dining table for more flexibility? It can be a side table for two, a large table for 8 or a buffet table. Imagine your children doing their homework with you while you cook.

All our creations are unique, just like you.


Custom kitchen with curved island - wood, steel and stainless steel

Custom kitchen with central island - wood, steel and stainless steel

Custom made kitchen cabinet and TV cabinet - wood, steel and stainless steel

Custom made kitchen island and retractable table - Wood and steel

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